After years of sailing POGO II, a 44′ CSY cutter, we decided to move on to a trailerable boat. Luck would have it that we visited the Portland, Maine, Maine Boat Builder’s Show in March of 2010.

While talking boats with old friends, Sarah & I happened upon Bob Rosborough of Rosborough Boats, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and his show boats. We were impressed by the sturdiness of his boats, and in particular the Roughwater 9.11 rigid hull inflatable boat (RHIB).

An invitation to visit the builder’s shop in Halifax, Nova Scotia quickly followed. Being at the beginning of a “road trip” in a new Ford F150, FX4, we quickly decided to visit Bob at the plant.

A ride outside Halifax Harbor in March quickly convinced us that a concept boat, based on the Roughwater 9.11, was in our future. The resulting “fast cruising Roughwater 9.11” is now a reality, and has been coined by me at the “Roughwater Fast Cruiser”.

The concept was developed around a “legally trailerable boat”, capable of going to sea in most weather, and having the amenities and isolated area cruising capabilities of the old POGO II. When you move from a large, deep draft sailboat to a small RHIB, some “adjustments” need to be made, mostly in the way one thinks of space.

The name, Conepatus, is one chosen to be unique to USCG Documented vessels ….. it comes from our transition, leaving the “rag bagger” crowd and becoming “stink potters”. Of course, with a “strong name”, one would like a distinct “home port”. After surfing suitable locations, i.e. a good name, we settled on Toad Hop, IN.

So the adventure of MV Conepatus begins …… I hope to chronicle her, and our, adventures here in this blog. See our track via satellite on Spot Hug Tracking.

Sarah & Craig, MV Conepatus of Toad Hop, IN.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Craig,
    I saw you taking pictures of a breaching humpback whale near Angoon, Alaska on July 17, 2014.
    My wife and I were on an aluminum fishing boat doing the same thing. I was standing on the roof of that boat. I have a nice photo of you with your camera to your eye wearinf a red plaid shirt. For years I figured the name of your vessel was the manufacturer’s name. Today I looked it up and found you. Email me back and I will send you the photo. Cheers!

  2. Hi Craig & Sarah:

    We are back from our incredible adventures!

    THE BOAT looks great! I know that you two have having a good time!

    Please keep in touch.

    Sandra & Lloyd

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