Wednesday, August 23

Wednesday, August 23Most of  day it’s blowning like stink (25-35 knots). While we have wind and some rain, Quebec has lots of power outages from downed trees and Montreal is quite a mess with many trees down. Ottawa has had hail bigger than quarters.

Two sailboats come screaming in about 7:30 in the AM happy to be out of the rough water and howling wind. At high tide (extra high as it’s a spring tide) the spray actually is coming over the walls. Although we are safe, there is a surge in the basin so being on the boat is less than ideal. Fortunately the club house is very comfortable with a coffee machine, microwave and kitchen. 

In the afternoon, akind and friendly club member takes Craig to fill propane tank so we have plenty of propane to keep us warm during the cold nights to come. I spend several hours trying to work out tides and currents for the upcoming days. 

One thought on “Wednesday, August 23

  1. The bane of Miami is also tree-huggers that insist on shady lanes, which made sense in the horse-and-buggy days, but cause power outages these days.

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