Tuesday, August 22, Club Nautique Vauquelin in Neuville. 

Tuesday, August 22Heading out about 6:30 we hope to make Quebec. The morning is fine and we speed along nicely with the river current. One area of concern due to current and rips is the Richelieu Rapids. All the waters flowwing out of the Great Lakes flows through this narrow and relatively shallow reach. If the current is flowing against a strong wind it can get quite dangerous. Fortuneately we make it through easily with help form both wind and current. At the downstream end we stop at Marina de Portneuf to top up with fuel to make sure we have enough to get to Quebec. 

Portneuf is a nice, well protected harbor created by a man-made rock breakwater. The entrance is a real dog-leg with the arms of the breakwater overlapping. We are soon headed down the river again. In the late morning the wind came around to the NE – an unforecast event. This creates a nasty chop with the current against the wind. We are about 20 miles from Quebec proper but decide to pull into Club Nautique Vauquelin in Neuville. 

This is also a man-made harbor of refuge created by piling large bolders into a breakwater. The rock breakwater is high and protective but the arms don’t over lap. The entrance is narrow with a strong current. Craig has to “crab in” straightening out just at the right moment when the current is blocked by the rock walls. 

The club house seems very new, with nice bathrooms with 2 showers in each (great hot water), and good internet.

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