Thursday, August 24, Club Nautique de L’ile Baccus on L’Ile d’Orleans

Thursday, August 24We’re underway from Club Nautique Vauquelin about 10:30 – 25 minutes after high tide. There’s still a bit of current from the flooding tide even though the water is dropping. It’s choppy for the first 10 miles. By the time we reach the Quebec Bridge things have smoothed out. It’s still blowing 20 knots but it’s with the current. – a good thing as the current is really ripping through the bridge and passing Old Quebec. The water is very roiled up and turbid. 

AT 1147 hours traveling 20 knots over ground, we hit what I think is a log. There are 3 rapid but distinct bumps. We stop the engines and inspect the props. There’s no apparent damage to the props, no vibrations from the engines, and no ingress of water. 

About 1245 we reach our destination and pull into Club Nautique de L’ile Baccus on L’Ile d’Orleans, another refuge created by piling rocks into breakwaters. Like most of these harbors, the entrance is challenging. Wind and current are across the break between the rock breakwater and the ferry dock. 

The entrance hole at this tide is about 50′ wide and Craig does a superb job of crabbing us to the entrance straightening just in time to enter the calm, protected water. Although we have been dealing with tides for many days, we are now in brackish water for the first time. Once we take on fuel and water, we get tucked into a slip and snuggle into the cabin. It’s still blowing 20 and the temperatures are in the low 60’s. Tonight may drop to the upper 40’s. 

Very quaint town, and well kept. Really NICE!

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