Sunday, August 20 Montreal

Sunday, August 20 Montreal

Tom and Jane are waiting for their granddaughter Cori and her friend to arrive. By chance the girls had scheduled a vacation in Montreal this summer and we have arrived the day before they fly in. 

While Tom and Jane prepare for this visit, Craig and I walk around Old Montreal. There are many tourist activities along the waterfront – zip lines, paddle boats, IMax theater, and lots of food booths. Much of this is set up in movable buildings based on shipping containers. In the streets behind the waterfront we find many beautfully restored, historic buildings. Many contain restaurants and boutiques with everything quite expensive. Although is is beautiful it is quite crowded and noisy. Perhaps we should have waited until mid week to come? 

Returning to the canal wall, we are introduced to Cori and Sarah. They are both delightful young women – smart, sure of themselves and quite mature. Soon Craig and I say our goodbyes so Tom and Jane can get some more personal time with the girls. 

Knowing Jane and Tom have probably not had a real meal today, I cook supper for us all; we eat together on Relax playing a roound of dominoes afterward.

For some reason Sunday night proves to be much noisier than Saturday. The din goes on until after 3 AM with young people gathering to talk loudly just outside the park area. At 3AM a long, slow train rumbles along the waterfront, across the canal bridge, and into the train yard beyond. 

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