Monday, August 21 Montreal to Sorel

Monday, August 21 Montreal to SorelAlthough we have enjoyed the cities, we have all had enough. About 9:45 we lock out, erect our antenna, and head out through the roaring current. Once clear of the tourist area of Old Port, we motor past the industrial port. This goes on for almost 10 miles. We are now in the St. Lawrence River in a wide fairly flat river bed. The river is flowing at 2-3 knots and is full of islands. 

By early afternoon we arrive at Sorel and tie up at Marina de Saurel – Parc Nautique de Sorel. Tom and Jane turn into the Richelieu River at Sorel making their way part way up to the Sainte Ours Lock. Our marina is ok but expensive. We fail to connect to their internet and the deposit for the key is a hassel. They do have 2 washers and dryers, though, so we get the mountain of dirty clothes and bedding cleaned up. There’s also a Metro supermarket about 20 minutes walk away so I refresh our produce.

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