Friday July 28, Jones Falls Locks

Friday July 28This AM Tom, Jane, and Sarah head out i Relax’s dinghy to hike up to Rock Dunder. Although there is an easy landing place near the entrance channel, we decide not to go that far. We find a spot below the lower cabin on the hiking trail and scramble up. Once on the well marked trail walking is easy. Along the way we encounter a number of other hikers including a young woman with her 2 daughters and an older couple practicing for a hiking trip in Kilarnay. The top if the rock in bald granite and provides wonderful views of the surrounding area. Like the tower in the Thousand Islands, it’s clear the glaciers really ground down the local area.

A bit after 2 we head to Jones Falls Flight Locks. We pass through and proceed to Davis where we are told there are spots with power available at the upper end. We tie Conepatus up on the grey line with difficulty. They are spilling lots of water through the dam to the east. The current is flowing under the dock at an angle pushing us away. When Tom comes in they direct him to a finger pier close to the dam. As he approaches they realize a pontoon boat needs to move first. It’s a small tight area with lots of current but Tom manages to get Relax in after a few heart stopping maneuvers.

Leaving the Locks

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