Cactus Goes Crazy


A couple of nights ago, Sarah’s weird cactus plant went crazy with blooms. The blooms come out at night and last only one night. Not sure which cactus this is, so if anyone has a clue, let me know.

The flowers are not quite fully open. They are full around midnight ….. Sarah stayed up to see them. Me … off to sleep in my chair:)


Respringo Ranger Station, Volcan, Chiriqui, R de Panama – 19 Feb, 2015

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Sarah and our guests, Karen and Doug Dance, with a couple of other folks decided to walk the Quetzal Trail around the north side of Volcan Baru. I provided transport to the trail head and a ride back from the Volcan end of the trail.

While hanging around the ranger station on the Volcan end, I happened to get a few photos. The black guan is a bit fuzzy. I found it really hard to get a focus on that bird. So enjoy the photos and forgive the “softness”.



Photos & Videos

Today the Boquete Birders did a field trip to Finca Oasis on Vulcan Baru. I decided to go off to look for the resplendent quetzal (Pharomachrus mocinno) and found a mating pair working on their nesting hole.

Photos are shot with a digiscope using a Swarovski ATX 30-70 and an Olympus OMD E-M5. As the area is dark under the canopy, the ISO is very high resulting in noise in the photos. Hope you enjoy the photos.


Raid in the Night

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Last night as I went out on the second story house patio, I heard a bit of commotion of an animal escaping. Of course I figured it was a feral cat, but to my surprise it was a fully grown kinkajou.

It had decided to come up the tree next to the house, step off the limb close to the railing, walk down the railing and out to the bird feeder to raid the bananas. The “beast” was really nervy, not really caring that I was out there, or when I went back to  get the camera. The photos are shot with available light from the patio lights, so the photos are a bit noisy, but make record for the kinkajou police if needed:)




Recap of July 4th in Elfin Cove, Alaska


One of the best happenings of the Alaska trip was the 4th of July in Elfin Cove. The highlight of the day was the greased pole “walk”. All you had to do was get to the end of the pole and grab the red flag without touching the water first.

Hard to understand why anyone would take the “plunge” with the air temp around 55degF and the water around 50degF. Oh, I forgot, there was a prize purse for the winner. As the libations flowed and the contest went on, folks watching anted up into the purse. The winner took home a purse of over $1000.

Enjoy the video of some of the contestants:)



New Video Post for Tracy Arm – Original Post Jun 20, 2014

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Just uploaded a new video I took when visiting Tracy Arm, and Sawyer Glaciers. I have also added a couple of links. My video of a calving of Sawyer Glacier is pretty spectacular, however the link below was taken at a different time from the same boat we were on of a really big calving.


Sawyer Glacier Calving

Tracy Arm Wiki